Eye test FAQs

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  • How long does an eye test take?

    It can vary according to your symptoms and results, but the test on average takes around 20 minutes.

  • What does an eye test involve?

    We check the health of your eyes through lots of different methods. We analyse your field of vision, the pressures in your eyes (intra-ocular pressure), your prescription and we also use retinal photography.
    Our Optometrists will also take a closer look in to the health of your eyes, analysing and looking for potential problems such as cataracts to the blood vessels at the back of your eyes.
    They will then discuss the findings with you and advise you accordingly. All of these tests are effective, painless and don’t touch your eyes.

  • At what age can a child have an eye test?

    There isn’t a restriction on age, though generally children will start to have their first visit at around 4 years old. If you have any concerns with your child’s vision or eye health, you should bring them in for an eye test earlier.

  • How often should I get my eyes tested?

    Depending on what your Optometrist recommends, usually between 1-2 years.

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Book an eye test with us today at Optical People. We're here for you.

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