Your Glasses Ready
in Less Than an Hour

Need Single Vision glasses fast?

We can turn around most glasses within the hour. We have an in-house optical laboratory which means we don’t need to send your glasses out to be glazed.

Our optical lab has the latest glazing equipment, 3500 lenses in stock and an experienced lab technician. This means we prepare all glasses on site, and can have them fitted to you and ready to go all on the same day.

What about Other Lenses?

It’s only possible to offer a fast turnaround on lenses we currently have in stock. We typically keep a wide range of single vision lenses for both optical and sunglasses between -8.00 and +5.00 and a Cylinder of up to -2.00. Multifocal lenses and more complex lens additions can take a little longer.

For other lens types, the pick up time is typically 7-10 days. 

Is it really free?

Yes. We don’t charge you extra for this, it’s all part of the service. We know you don’t want to wait around, and we pride ourselves on keeping things clear and straightforward.

Extra Fast
No Extra Cost

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Saturday: 9am – 5pm
Sunday: Closed

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COVID-19 (19th July 2021): We continue to observe all relevant guidelines with your health and safety and that of our team’s as our top priority.