Hearing Loss

Optical People have now teamed up with Hear4U to provide those suffering from hearing loss access to quality ear care providers in Audiology and ear wax removal. We operate from a central hub in Leicestershire providing hearing services via a quality partner in local towns to support our clients with local hearing care.

Why choose Optical People?

In-depth Hearing Evaluation

We offer a full hearing assessment with a detailed explanation of your test and provide a clear hearing pathway to your solution, be that a medical referral or a hearing aid.

Unbeatable Hearing Prices

We have a unique pricing structure depending on the level of service you require. If you are an experienced user, you can reduce the cost of your desired package by opting out of various services.

With service purchase, this is the usual price reflected on the high street, and then with extra added services should you need fast efficient home care with your purchase with additional benefits.

Lend an Aid

If/when your hearing aid needs a repair or adjustment back at the manufactures, we won’t leave you bereft of hearing for a week or two! We will lend you a spare pair until yours is returned.

3-month exchange period

On all hearing aids provided we offer a three-month exchange program to ensure you pick the right hearing aid to suit your lifestyle.

Annual Service

This ensures that your hearing aid is spot on every year. Unlike other companies who suggest your aftercare is not needed, you will find our service fast, efficient and supportive. The investment in aftercare ensures that our aids last longer, therefore, saving you money in the long run especially when you get all your service money back to put towards your new set of aids further down the line. Or you can gift the money to your partner or friend.

Three full-time centres in 2 counties

We have invested in our beautiful centres and state of the art equipment to ensure that we can give you the best possible service and make your visits to Hear4u enjoyable.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of audiological techniques & technology and investing in professional awards & accreditations, so we have the knowledge and expertise to recommend the right hearing solution to every customer, every time. We don’t visit from another part of the country so are on call always to provide a service.


We offer an interest-free finance option for purchases over a 10- or 12-month period.

Full range of hearing aids available from all manufacturers as Hear4u are independent.

Ear Wax Removal

Our fully qualified ear wax removal experts offer either Irrigation or Microsuction from this centre, with video otoscopy to see before and after results. If you believe you have an ear infection, we can then also offer ‘Swabbing’.

An ear swab is where a sample of an ear infection is taken via a sterile medical cotton bud and sent to a laboratory for testing. The laboratory will then send these results back to your GP which will result in you being prescribed the right antibiotics straight away.

We offer free hearing tests in all our centres. If you need a home visit because of mobility problems we will happily arrange this, just contact us for a suitable appointment.

Opening times Mon-Fri:  9am – 5:30pm
Saturday: 9am – 5pm
Sunday: Closed

12 Market Place, Nuneaton, CV11 4EE

COVID-19: We are open and operating with strict safety measures in place, our eye tests are being carried out following the College of Optometrists COVID-19 guidelines.